This is the bit of the blog where I tell you a little about me.. Anything else you’ll just have to guess, or make up!

Quick facts….

  • I Live: North East England
  • I Work*: My Main job is in public transport
  • My Interests: include…  Cycling, Technology, Photography and Real/Craft beers
  • The Other stuff: Founded and still assist in the running of a cycling club Blaydon Cycle Club which has well over 100+ members and is involved in all areas of cycling in and around the North East Cycling Community

Or if you’re that way inclined (or just need to kill a few minutes) here’s the slightly longer version…

This blog is my personal website, I’d made a few in the past, some under a pseudonym, some as myself, but I thought I’d get back into having a blog/website and sharing my day to day things, On the cycling side of things posting about something might actually encourage me to do it so it may prove to be a great motivational tool.

So, about me well, I live in the United Kingdom in i’m currently in the North East.

By day I work on the Railway, by night I can be found working in another job I do, or down the pub, I like Real Ale and am  I’m also back into cycling, I founded and am on the committee of Blaydon Cycle Club, which has well over 100 members since its inception in 2013. The club at times is a full time commitment in itself but I have an amazing committee team working with me.

When I’m not working, working or drinking real ales, craft ale, whatever you want to call them, I’m a bit of a tech fan, Multimedia is my interest, I like design, Photography and the more creative side of tech. I’m also very interested in the social web, the user generated internet, once dubbed ‘web 2.0’ if it pings, blogs or tweets I’ll probably want to have a try and hopefully this blog can be my place to type about it as much as I like. I also sell some of my photos via redbubble you can visit my portofolio

if you would like to get in touch contact me via the contact page

Any posts which are of a review nature are my own thoughts on the products or services regardless of if products or services have been paid for or supplied in kind or for review purposes.

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*apparently – my colleagues may say otherwise when asked….