2 Months in: Robbie

2 Months in: Robbie

It’s been two months since we ‘officially’ adopted Robbie. He’s finally settling in.
After  what seems a very short time his 2 months has come up, It’s weird as it feels like he’s been here at lot longer.

We’ve enlisted the help of a trainer which has helped big time, in this short time his temperament has changed so much, he’s a lot happier in the house, and he’s a little less suspicious of the door opening.
He’s allowing us to play with his toys and take them off him and he’s slowly warming to ‘fetch’ he’s really enjoying his walks too when shifts allow for this.

As far as his training goes we’re starting on basic obedience,  things such as getting him to respond to his name and generally pay attention as well as ‘distraction techniques’ when he’s occupied by things like other dogs.

So far so good and hopefully sometime soon I can provide some update in the coming months, the stress of all the fireworks and banging and idiots making lots of noise has started and hopefully we can minimise any further stress and set backs for the wee man.

Adopting a dog is one of the most stressful yet awarding things ever and it’s always amazing to know you’ve done a great thing and gave a dog a good home,