Meet Robbie… Adopting a dog from Brysons Animal Shelter.

Meet Robbie… Adopting a dog from Brysons Animal Shelter.

First of all, as you may have been able to tell from the absence of posts, I have not posted in a long long time, I think it’s mainly due to struggling to have found a quiet hour or so to make time to post! That aside, I’,m going to make a bit more of an effort to post more.

So at the end of September, I was casually browsing ‘Brysons‘ Shelter website and stumbled upon the dog section, and a little fella going by the name of ‘Robbie’ caught my attention, a 5 year old West Highland White Terrier, I made a joke about adopting him, before I knew it, Shannon had rang the shelter to arrange a visit. We thought we would go meet him and test the water see how we felt if we took the plunge and actually had a go at the adoption process.

The process consisted of a meet, a few walks and meets, home day trial, a home visit then a trial live in, which sounds a lot!

First photo of Robbie

On the Saturday we took him for a walk, we took the usual shelter route, he’d literally just had a walk by another interested party so clearly there was some interest in him. Nonetheless he was full of energy and ready to go, He displayed his terrier traits when I tried to get him to go straight on and he decided to take the path to the left, for an easy life, I let him take the lead.

From the off he felt like he was a good little dog, so we admittedly took a little longer to return him to see what he was like.

Fast forward a few walks at the shelter later, he came home for the day, straight away he bolted through the door had a good sniff around checking everything was for him, straight up the stairs a little inspection of upstairs and he came down, slowly I don’t think he’d experienced stairs before or much.

After a few hours and a short walk out it was time to take him back. I kind of did this with a heavy heart I thought he’d settled in and loved his place here. I had a chat with the staff there about him little did I know in 2 hours they’d be coming round for the home inspection. (basically, just due to my shifts I wasn’t available much the next few days).

Mid-October, He’s settling in well, he’s terrified of fireworks though and he likes to know what every noise and knock is. He’s starting to adapt to his new surroundings. He’s even getting into Halloween spirit… I think… Or we’re forcing his paw..


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Happy Halloween ? ? . . . . . . . #haloween #trickortreat #haloweendog #westie #westiegram #westhighlandterrier #WHWT #dogsofinsta

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He’s a little bit of a terror, but he’s a terrier, and we’re looking into training and have got experienced westie owners to hand to ask for advice, Rome wasn’t built in a day and he’s still got some minor issues from his previous lifestyle, but they’re all being worked on… (he’s already cost me a fortune at the vets by the way!).

I’ll leave you with a video… I’d heard dogs like classic music and similar, so I tried this theory out on one of  his first days, I stuck a bit of Nessun Dorma on, and he jumped up for a listen, his little ears fluttering to the beat.


He’s here to stay and hopefully he’s got a long happy life ahead of him.


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When you discover your dog likes Pavarotti ??

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oh and as for the name thing, the Robbie / Rob thing…we’re battling on… so far no major confusion or incidents!