I’ll be one of those on social media celebrating #Tryanuary maybe not every day as I need to save the money and I also need to be good when i’m on early shifts but I think the whole #Tryanuary idea is a brilliant concept, traditionally pubs clubs and beer shops will be quiet for the first part of January whilst everyone tucks into their salads and artisan water after their mild jogs around the block…. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Great beers can be enjoyed in moderation without going out and ‘getting smashed’ you can enjoy a can or bottle with a meal, you’d be surprised you can match beers to food, much like wine!

Pop into one of your local bottle shops and you’ll find they’re more than happy to talk you through some potential matches to your meal or just your taste (or even budget!)

In Newcastle we are so lucky to have so many of these shops, we have the fantastic CentrAle right in the heart of the historic Newcastle Central Station, There’s also the recently moved mmm & glugg  as well as Coppers of Gosforth. (these are the ones I’ve visited, there’s many more).

There’s also pubs in the city centre,one of  my favourite (and i’m sure everyone knows this already) is the Crown Posadasat on the historic Side between Grey Street and The Quayside. Brilliant friendly staff who know and love their ales and the management team of  Andy and Matt have some fantastic working relationships with local breweries as well as those further afield (one example being Rat Brewery takeovers) as well as Box Social and Wylam takeovers from time to time where one brewery takes over the whole of the pub cask and keg and you get to meet the brewers. 

Brewing as I found out when I spent a day with Ross from Box Social Brewing  proved to me that these people really do put their heart and soul into their product, and it’s by no means a walk in the park, it’s an art form with a lot of cleaning and heavy lifting and moving involved, knowing what goes into the process really gave me a new found appreciated for the local breweries.
The box social is also one of my top bars in town! they sell much of their own beer as well as getting in fantastic beers from far and wide around the globe. Its tucked behind the railway station in one of the arches on Forth Street, another great watering hole.

In short, you can enjoy beer without going overboard, it can be a social activity, a great way to make new friends, learn new things, try new things and generally just use it as an escape from the rapid pace of modern day life. You don’t have to give up booze for a month, pubs and shops are closing as people opt to stay in, make January your month to get out there and move away from the mass produced lagers, get something with some taste and that’s the product of someones time, effort and passion.