It’s Christmas…

It’s Christmas…

First of all once again, I’ve not uploaded any blogs, or anything much for that matter,I guess work and life in general has just got in the way, our work rotas have changed, and thankfully, i’d say in the most for the better, our shifts are shorter and more logical with less what i’d basically call messing around chasing your tail.

Anyways, Christmas I’ve finally got some downtime, I finished on the 21st at a reasonable hour, ready for the Friday which meant travelling to Reading, I have been to Reading countless times with work and it’s almost become an adopted home! (I actually know my way round which is a bit weird for a ‘foreign’ (to me)) town.

Anyways my reasons for being down here is that i’m spending it away from home for the first time ever with Shannons family. In 30 odd Christmases I have always been at home, I think one Christmas I went down the local for a pint so I didn’t get far!

On the Thursday we invaded the locals pub quiz and somehow won it. I don’t get it because I know nowt about Christmas, and my Tesco Value jumper is about as festive as I get

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It got to Friday and I aimed for a 1135 train, but the traffic seen an end to that, ended up making the 1235. which, was a good move as it had a brilliant crew on and a huge fluffy dog that wanted everyone attention. We ended up in Reading about 25 minutes late as we had to swap trains and got stuck behind a slow service but we got there in the end and I got a heads up some of my Reading colleagues are out on Christmas Eve so I said i’d pop my head in and say hello.

The train itself flew by and I enjoyed some brilliant beers from CentrAle in Newcastle Central station, I really can’t say bad of that shop!

The 23rd seen a day of shopping and me somehow leaving my sanity intact, the last minute buyers were out in force, I think the saving grace was a pint in a town centre pub as we had a 25 minute wait for the next one.

all in all, i’m not as nervous as I thought I might be as not being home for Christmas seemed like such a huge thing even though I am not really a Christmas person!

Post Christmas might see a day trip to London, we’ll soon see!  Anyone who know me knows what I think of the London…. But I’ve not been for years so it’ll be an experience if we do go.