Christmas and New Year 2017/18

Well that’s Christmas over and done with for another year, a small sigh of relief, the utter panic and rushing about in the lead up to it is one of my least favourite things, to do, everyone loses their minds and the shops turn into carnage, all I want is a bag of crisps and i’m thrown into a warzone!

Christmas eve was a steady quiet evening, myself and Shannon went for a walk to ‘The George’ pub had a pint then headed out, we later popped into Reading town centre for a few drinks with my Reading colleagues, it wasn’t about getting drunk it was a nice quiet social drink in the bar getting to have a chat with them and wind down before Christmas.

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unusually unlike home there was a bus service right up until 10/11pm so we headed home at about 9pm to grab something to eat and chill out before Christmas Day..

Christmas day itself was a very quiet one (just how I like it to be honest) Breakfast was had which couldn’t have been better ‘Scottish sausage’ and bacon rolls (the flat square/lorne sausage).
After than we exchanged gifts, I have now got a full size photography backpack for all my kit and the usual smellies as well as a few clothing items and a ‘snow frame’ with a picture taken a few days before Christmas when we took wee Teemo the westie for a walk.

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the majority of the day was spent moaning there was nothing on TV (there really wasn’t) so the classic Netflix saved the day and Still Game was watched for the millionth time, it’s one of those comedies I can watch and watch, and even though I almost know it word for word it never loses its edge.

Later in the evening the best bit was here, Christmas Dinner time! and of course I had to wait until suitable photos were taken before I could demolish it!

the rest of the evening was spent again, back on the sofa watching TV, not really a lot to report from that but hey,it’s Christmas and that is what it’s for!

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Boxing day was spent walking to The George again for a pint, then decision made to head into town! (oops!) ‘The Sales’ were in full swing and it was every, man, woman and dog for themselves, I almost stopped someone grown up like a Security Guard or a Police Officer to ask if they were actually giving it away and if this behaviour was indeed, normal!? (apparently it was) a few bargains bagged I needed a pint so we stopped by ‘The Purple Turtle’ – it wasn’t what I thought it was and we didn’t last long in there… They did have a huge bear though…

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up to this point the highlight of my day had been the ‘Festive Fries’ meal from KFC in a brief respite from the sales… We also might have accidentally missed the last bus and had to call in for backup (aka a lift) to get out… or wait in town for 13 hours until the next service ran! (oops!)

The last day we spent doing some food shopping for Shannon’s folks to replenish what had been raided over the Christmas period, and then just stayed in watching more TV as it was too close to pay day for me to actually have any money to spend!

On the Friday it was home time, so we spent the morning saying our goodbyes and packing our bags ready for the 5 hour train trip. We caught the 13:45 and got back into Newcastle at 7pm and ended up in the Box Social as we would any other night we were in town, but this time dragging cases about!

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a few drinks and a well needed sleep leads on to today.. and it snows..

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I end up heading home carrying my case as wheeling it through the snow wasn’t an option! i’m finally home unpacked washing down and all that’s left is to chill out until new years eve, where for the second in a row I am working, it’s usually a busy night!