The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

I just thought i’d share my first photo and the first time i’ve seen the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) – sadly they were not visible to the naked eye only the lens using a long exposure and a lot of patience.

I waited out for a while for the solar activity to flare up and spent the best part of two hours out in the cold (it was unusually cold for a September evening!)

I wasn’t meant to be out hunting the solar storms but my ‘Auroa Watch’ app said there was an amber warning for solar/geomagnetic activity so at the last minute before my lift arrived plans changed and I picked up the camera.

Solar activity was weak to medium but it was worth the trip, even if just for practice.

All in all I am happy with my photo, i’ve learned a few tips when I uploaded this to a local photography page. I initially tried to get the lighthouse at St Marys in but the light was too strong and bleaching for long exposure, Suggestions included changing the white balance then editing later as well as using filters to let less light in the lens I do have a filter pack but to be honest don’t have a clue how and when to use them.

Hopefully using this as a dry run, very soon I can try and return when there’s another amber or better stil a ‘red alert’ for activity, then, when it’s red, usually they’re visible by eye, and the photos can become a lot more creative.

Ill check in again when I’ve done it again!  It’ll end up on instagram like many other of my photos!