Blaydon Cycle Club: M107 Open TT 2017

Blaydon Cycle Club: M107 Open TT 2017

I woke up just in time to make the start of the TT (taking photos not racing!) After a 03:30 alarm on the Saturday I was out for he count on that evening and almost missed the start of the Time Trial.

Camera bag picked up, battery off charge, and GPS set for ‘Ruffside’ I had just under half an hour to get there, typically I was stuck behind tractors, caravans and all sorts on the country lanes!

I turned up to quite the scene. What a great atmosphere, we had a high turnout of riders, and had the first ever ‘Blaydon Corner’ where riders were cheered along for some final few mile encouragement. I was of course on two wheels, two, but with a motor.. that didn’t stop me getting the full Blaydon CC welcome party.

The event gave me a chance to have my first real go at something I have never done before, which was sport photography, you don’t get the chance as with posed photos or landscapes, you need to ‘get the shot’ first time every time, this results in multiple shots in seconds of the action hoping one is the right one, being my first time I did miss quite a lot of the action, there was missed riders, there was blurry shots or people out of frame. I’ve learned lessons, And I’m looking forward to trying it again sometime soon.

On the course itself the weather at least stayed dry and the course record (CR) was beaten by one second overall. Then I spent most of my time taking photos on ‘Blaydon Corner’ here the support was drummed up much in the way it would be on a grand tour, but Blaydon Style, chalked roads, cow bells, screaming supporters but pint sized. Blaydon Corner was many riders highlight of the course and got comments throughout social media. Well done to Iain for coming up with the idea and rallying the troops!

I spend a little while at the finish line too, finding a ditch to crouch into making me ‘lower than the road’ for a different angle, As I was there results were being radio’d back to race HQ to go on the sheets, Our small army of catering volunteers were getting a buffet ready in Edmundbyers Village Hall for the prize giving and a little social after the TT to wind down.

The course itself is an (almost) lap of the Derwent Reservoir with a mix of lumps and bumps and rolling sections in, in it’s around 10 mile length and there is over 700ft of climbing to be done. A field of 80 was on the start sheet with 65 finishing (there was a number of apologies, DNS or DNF entries)

Danny Grieves from GS Metro got the fastest time doing the course in 22 minutes and 6 seconds with an impressive average speed of 26.8mph.

I must however share with you the much acclaimed ‘photo of the day’ from the famed Blaydon Corner with one of our members Phil showing his support to the riders as they past though, it might not have been ‘Dutch Corner’ but the supporters certainly had some ‘Dutch Courage’ Here’s that famed photo:

I must admit it was my personal favourite from the day (and many others) I wonder if this will be the new club mug/cups/t-shirt image taking over from the race face of Justin.

All in all it was a great day out with a cracking effort from the entire Blaydon CC team, I can’t wait for the next race!

Results for the race can be found at on the official cycling time trials website