Event: 100th beer & Box Social Brewing – 2 years on

On Thursday I was lucky enough to have the time off to go to the Crown Posada for the launch of the Box Social Brewing 100th beer launch/pour and 2nd anniversary.
Box social have their own ‘micropub’ just up the road from the Crown Posada but this very pub is where they had their first pint poured.

The exclusive new beer launch was ‘Double Nectar’ (8.2% DIPA) which is a double version of their best selling pale ale, Gentlemens Nectar (4.2%)

If you were there you were lucky enough to have the chance to try the only cask version of this beer ever to be made the majority bar one small batch was to be served in keg. It’s always good to compare how the way a beer is served can affect the taste. Personally, keg tasted that little bit better, but the cask was equally as amazing, it’s a little cliche for stronger pale ales but they often do have that hint of ‘alchoholic lilt’ and this one possibly more so than any others.

Box social brewing is a fantastic local brewery, and if you’re out and about in Newcastle I reccomend you pop by, they can be found either at the brewery or at their micropub, or in many pubs and bottle shops locally.

Give their website a visit for full information at www.boxsocial.pub/