Stop Motion

A couple of days ago I was in my regular haunt The Crown Posada in Newcastle City Centre, delighted by a £1 phone tripod and a bag of ‘wobbly eyes’ (much to my dismay turned out not to be sticky back eyes!)… (£2 well spent.. or not…)

I decided to try something I have not done in easily 10 years, a stop motion video, this basically ended up a pint glass (with eyes of course) wondering along the bar, the intervention of Andy the manager and a chalk pen was a somewhat impromptu addition (I was messing about and it turned out okay I suppose!)

after about 2 minutes of work (and about 5 finding an appropriate app) this was the result.

So I was wondering, what Next?

By the way…  It was possibly inspired by this video I seen many years ago, I remember seeing this on B3ta when ‘flash videos’ and little flash games were the big thing.

I’m thing now maybe something similar, pub based taken with my camera or phone, with a little more thought into it, of course the video linked above would take a long long time to do, and sadly I don’t have that kind of time right now…

It’s kinda weird, the GIF thing has come back with the rise of instant messages and social media.