Cycling Motivation….

Cycling Motivation….

This year, my bikes have not really been out, they’re more of a clothes horse for drying work uniform…

Due to our shifts being changed at work and a few other things going on they hardly see the light of day, this time last year I was about to do my first 200km of the year, this year the bikes sit dormant wondering when they’re going to be let out to play.

I need some motivation to get out there, cycling to work used to be great top up of the miles and get me out but when you’re working close to 13 hours the prospect of riding home in a headwind, in the dark, then up a mile long hill (average 10%) isn’t all that appealing.

Weekend cycles have been knocked on the head over the winter, simply because when I wake up sometimes in time for a club ride the darkness outside puts me off, I really struggle getting up for work too in the winter months, It takes something just short of a ‘Wallace & Gromit’ contraption to get me up in the small hours


Hopefully in the coming months I will find a way of getting out there and finding that long lost motivation, any suggestions, tips or anything would be great, It won’t be long until I go for the annual 300k ride which is over 200 miles (including to the start and back) 13,000 ft of hills as well as nearly 24 hours awake…  (audax season)

I might start with hiring a ReadyBike this week as I have some spare time on shift in Reading through the week, it would be my first ride in weeks!