Welcome – First Post

A very warm welcome to my new blog – over the course of the coming days, weeks and months i’ll be hoping to share some of my experiences.

Asides working… when I make the time for it, two of my big interests are cycling and photography I am by no means a professional at either. I like taking photos and I like riding a bike basically! I’m also partial to the odd Real Ale so my posts are likely to be a mix of cycling, photos, and beer (sometimes (responsibly I must add) the three go hand in hand.)

I ride to commute (fair weather commuter by self admission) I also help run (and I founded) Blaydon Cycle Club, so I can be out and about alone, commuting, with the club or taking part in long distance audax events (200-300-600km rides done so far)

I’ll be updating this site as and when I have the time !