The Crown Posada

The Crown Posada

Seeing as it’s my ‘go-to’ pub it would probably be foolish not to write a few words on a top boozer.

Far too many pubs have become a victim of time, they’re piping out rubbish music (at a very loud volume usually) they serve food of which quality and price can be questionable and they’re generally soulless.

Not here….

Every beer has to pass the landlord test, if he or his staff wouldn’t drink it or serve it it won’t see the light of day, It goes without saying I have never had a bad pint in there, there’s a small selection of default beers for the lager drinkers and suchlike but their expertise lies in the real ale, you’ll see a few familiar beers, Allendale Pennine Pale is a house beer and one of my favouite ‘go to’ beers if nothing else tickles my fancy, you’ll then usually have the Blackgate Bitter by Hadrian Border, which is brewed exclusively for the pub itself, it’s a traditional English bitter, you can’t fault that, The 3rd regular is the popular Hadrian Border Tyneside Blonde, a true session ale if you’re there for the duration.

The final ‘house’ beer is Jakehead IPA by the fantastic Wylam Brewery, at 6.3% and coming in naturally hazy you’ll know you’ve been drinking it, the label suggests ‘it cures’ i’m sure it does, quite what at the moment, i’ve not yet found out! (further research required)

The house beers are always on unless there is a ‘tap takeover’ usually when a guest brewery takes over all lines for a weekend until they drop.

One other guest keg line and at least 3 guest ales mean you’ll always find something to your taste, if you don’t know what you want ask they staff they will be happy to help you make the right choice, if you’re not an ale drinker give it a go, try a nip of beer, you might find things have moved on rapidly in the beer world, I drank my first ale because a) it had a funny name b) it was nearly £1 a pint cheaper in the pub I was in at the time. They come light, dark, hoppy, mild, sweet, bitter and anything in between since 2012 U have tried over 1000 different real ales and craft beers so I can say from experience the taste range is massive!

As for the food here, if you’re quick you can grab a sandwich and a bag of crisps for a couple of quid, I would recommend the ham and pease pudding (google it if you are not Geordie!), it’s the best you’ll ever have. You can only get these on weekdays though subject to availability. but there’s nothing beats a sarnie, crisps and a pint.

Now the music… Simply amazing, a vintage record player takes pride of place at the end of the bar constantly spinning something from the extensive vinyl collection, it’s not too loud, not too quiet and provides a great background ambience to the pub whether busy or quiet.

The pub itself has not changed in years wood panelling, classic wallpaper, and ‘that stained glass window’ (below)

above the bar various maritime memorabilia adorn the shelves, the pub has links to the shipping trade when the quayside was a bustling port the current ‘snug’ area was what now could be considered a ‘VIP Area’ where the officers of docked ships could pay a small premium to sit away from the rest of the ships crew and had their own serving hatch at the bar.

It is no suprise that the Crown Posada was in the top three of the CAMRA Tyneside pub of the year 2017 standings. It’s tough at the top as Newcastle has a thriving beer scene.

Finally the staff… Andrew the manager and his assistant manager Matt alongside the rest of the Crown Posada team make the pub what it is too, their character makes the pub, it’s warm inviting and friendly. I have said in tweets earlier this year, one of my biggest phobias (if you can call it that) is going into a pub alone and sitting on my own! In there if time allows there’s always a member of staff to talk to or their is always someone interesting pops in to talk to, I’ve talked to directors of large american companies who’ve popped over from their hotel for a pint, tourists, repatriated Geordies… loads of people! (I always miss the famous people though)

Give them a follow on twitter at @SJFCrownPosada and pop in, see what all the fuss is about!