Sunday down the coast..

Sunday down the coast..

Sunday seems to be developing into going on little trips out, in the summer months I usually go on our club rides but the dark mornings and cold starts are doing very little to inspire me to spin my legs this early on in the year.

Last week We went North of the river and walked from Whitley Bay back to Tynemouth stopping to take many many photos, this week was south of the Tyne (typically for the second week running the metro trains were suspended and we had to get a bus part of the way, I can’t moan, I get free metro travel as a ‘perk of the job’)

Anyways, I eventually got into the City centre, and made a beeline for Boots, I was suffering from chronic ‘Man Flu’ so went to get suitably dosed up, did that then headed for the Metro, piled onto a bus onto Heworth then headed for ‘The Coast’

South Shields station is a little way from the seafront and you’ve to walk past the (probably) world famous Ocean Road, which has an uncountable number of curry houses, I think save the odd kebab shop and Italians there has to be at least 40, I’ve never known why it has so many, but it has, for many years!

Our first port of call was the South Pier, something in 30 years I have never walked along, it seemed to go on forever! When I did a quick google a quick read suggested I ended up a mile offshore, so it was a fair walk!

I have to say, I loved the walk up the pier, it was busy full of people fishing, others walking and there was terns flying around that were not shy of people affording some really good chances for photos, the tides were changing to their was plenty of fishing boats coming in too,  the sea and land were busy, it was amazing just to watch everything going on around you.

So after being out to see for a while and not quite reaching international waters, time to head back inland and warm up a little, and what better way than going in the arcade for a go on the ‘2p machines’  (I believe no trip to a seaside tourist town is complete without a go on the 2p machines)

The final call was South Marine park, somewhere I had not stepped in for years (easily 20) It’s been done out a little and modernised but still an amazing little park (re-done 2008 If i recall) I wondered if the little steam rain still existed, and rightly it does, confirmed by a whistle and a puff of smoke at the mini train station! By this time the camera was packed away so I didnt have the chance to get a photo of it, I remember as a kid no trip to Shields was complete without a ride on the little railway, back then it seemed like you were on forever but as a grown up the little park loop looked much smaller! (probably the same as mars bars and wagon wheels to be fair!)

The sun was now about to set so a good time to head back for the metro (and bus)

And no return to Newcastle would be complete without a pint in the Crown Posada it’s my favourite pub in town! All in all a great little day out, and I look forward to the next one!