Station East – Hadrian Border Pub

Station East – Hadrian Border Pub

The “Station East” is Hadrian Borders first own branded pub. 

Previously the Station Hotel it’s gone through a loving and rather expensive restoration emphasising some of the original railway arch features. 

The interior is modern clean and airy but it still has that industrial feel with its exposed brickwork and beams. 

Even the toilets don’t go missed with some of the fittings fashioned from beer kegs it would seem even the smallest of detail was planned right through. 

Now to the beers, there’s a good selection of beers both keg and cask, most if not all are from Hadrian Border or their craft sideline “Bandwagon”, if I was to be totally upfront and honest Hadrian Border beers have always been pretty ordinary beers (and yes I’ve been shot down for saying that before!), not bad beers by any means but to me, more your session beer you could comfortably drink all day such as Tyneside Blonde or the 2013 “battle of the beers” winner Grainger Ale. 

Bandwagon changes that, they’re hoppier, bolder and more exciting beers challenging the normal brews from HB. I had their “Trinity” IPA whilst it was on, and a few weeks back a brown ale they had done, Bandwagon are definitely a side of the the brewery I’ll be keeping my eyes on as they’re coming out with some really good beers. The Hadrian Border core range, again are not bad beers by any means but usually when I’m out I like to try ones I’ve not had before so the “everyday beers” you see in most pubs often get overlooked by me in favour of ones from further afield. 

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