Off on the train…

Off on the train…

Today for a rare change of scenery I had to travel for work by train, I was off to a ‘workshop’ regarding business development and the future, anyways, I don’t want to bore you with that, but it presented me with one opportunity I’ve never had and that was to ‘work on the train’

Granted it wasn’t ‘work work’ more tinkering with this very blog, but it made me wonder before the days of WiFi and ‘dongles’ how did people do things on the train, did they work, I can’t imagine a first class full of typewriters going like the clappers punctuated by the ‘ding’ of line breaks being a) possible or b) tolerable to the average human being.

Everyone now is behind the screen of a laptop, phone or tablet, the only voices you hear are one sided and it’s when people are on the phone to each other.

Usually when I am on the train i’m with someone (if I am not working it) and i’ll talk to them, sometimes beer in hand and watch the world go by (especially if going up the North East coast).

Maybe in a bygone era people actually talked to each other instead of being in their own little bubble.

You can tell I am bored, the on-board WiFi doesn’t let you stream any audio or video services so I’ve had to resort to typing something!

And just to excite the trainspotters the featured image the new Virgin Trains East Coast Azuma (if that’s how you spell it) it was sneaking around near Doncaster probably much to delight of the resident ‘enthusiasts’ who live on the platforms 24/7 there will have been a few camera lenses twitching and notepads on fire, I’m sure.