A Visit to The Animal Shelter – Brysons

A Visit to The Animal Shelter – Brysons

It’s not a thing i’d have imagined myself doing but today, I did. I went to Brysons animal shelter in Gateshead today, I’ve always wanted a dog but my current work situation doesn’t really suit it. When I get myself a dog I think i’d now adopt, there’s so many dogs in shelters that need re-homing some of them were simply not looked after, some of them were taken off their owners, some might have been ‘too much’ for their previous owners, the list is endless.

Shelters do a great job and look after the animals but I really can’t begin to imagine how hard their job must be.  I’m certainly going to have a look at if I can be a ‘dog walker’ or similar.

I walked ‘Holly’ a 8 year old German Shepherd, she was the only one that needed to be out at the time, I was actually quite excited as they’re easily my favourite breed of dog. When She was lead out to reception I thought she was going to be a bit of a handful and she was jumping and bouncing round, we were told she’d only need to be walked for about half an hour, for an older dog she had plenty of energy and it was a pleasure to have taken her out.

After that we had a little look at the other animals there was a few dogs, some of them again, lovely animals, and a handful of cats who all seemed very lively and wanted your attention (i’m not even a cat person. but they were lovely)

There was a separate room with a very young kitten in, very playful and I’m sure they won’t be around too long! I had a great hour or so out, especially walking Holly the GSD, you could see her from the room the kittens where in and she’d just look at you, I really hope she finds a home soon, as she was such a lovely dog who i’m sure will make a great companion for someone who’s got the time and dedication to look after her.

To see what animals are up for adoption and in need of a loving home, or to donate or help out at the shelter visit www.brysons.org.uk for their full details and how to get in touch  (they’re a registered charity #227361)